Welcome to Grey Ravens and Black Bones. A D&D 3.0 campaign set in the Mystara campaign setting. It has flavours of classic 80s Adventuring, with an emo twist and plenty of laughs.

The campaign concept has evolved since it was first conceived, as all good campaigns should. You can read more about the original concept here. [INSERT LINK]

We started playing in April 2015 with the first session introducing the first two characters; Briar, the Half Elven Waitress and aspiring Bard, and Thia, the Half Elven Blacksmith's apprentice and aspiring Warrior. We then introduced their long time 'frenemy' Erin the human stable boy and aspiring Paladin, and Joradin the Dwarven Cleric and aspiring alcoholic.

After the first few games as a group we decided to upgrade from AD&D 2nd Edition to D&D 3.0, something my old D&D group had been debating/threatening for 17+ years, but had never actually bothered to do. This was partly to level the playing field between two players who were very familiar with AD&D 2 and it's backwards maths, and two players who were more familiar with the D20 system from their various Pathfinder games. We've been playing roughly once a month ever since, occassionaly using the Storium platform to expand the campaign story line beyond our limited game time.

The characters have mostly just hit level 7 as we take a break for the year, and the players look to gather their thoughts and plan their next moves after their daring "Escape from the Arena!" [INSERT LINK]

Grey Ravens and Black Bones

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