Club footed orphan girl


Bala is a young human girl with a clubfoot. She tended to Thia after her battles in the arena in Felmoor, bringing her back to health.

Although there were not many opportunities to talk in the fighter’s area of the arena, Bala disclosed that she is an orphan, and along with her brother, is under the care of the priests of St Cuthbert. She works at the arena doing odd jobs and whatever the guards need her to do.

Thia felt a strong attachment to the young girl. The stress of the arena and learning that Bala was being brought up in similar circumstances to her own, was enough to overcome Thia’s natural reserved nature and she was determined to save the girl.

Bala was able to exploit this in the arena when she was pitted against Thia by the arena’s cruel overseers, stabbing Thia in the back while she sought to protect the child from harm. Tragedy almost followed as Thia instinctually swung her sword Vengeance and seriously injured Bala. Only the quick actions of Erin saved Bala and allowed all of the party to escape the arena, carrying the unconscious form of Bala with them.


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