Skele-cat Familar


Mariel looks like a sleek and feminine silver tabby cat. However there is much more to her than initially meets the eye.

Thia first saw her many years ago when she was in the workhouse. During a thunderstorm, young Thia was being held in a solitary cell as punishment. Up above her, a cat appeared on the ledge of the barred window. Despite Thia’s calls, the cat ignored her and after staring at her for several minutes, Mariel disappeared into the night.

Thia remembers the cat appearing and then disappearing just as quickly at various points while she was growing up, although the memories are now faint.

It was many years before Mariel appeared again. This time she appeared as a skeletal cat whilst the party were battling plague zombies on the road to Newhaven. She appeared to be observing the party but was scared off by Bruce, Thia’s canine companion.

Shortly after Thia came into her powers and discovered that her mother was a sorcerer, she encountered Mariel again outside Ravenwing Farm. This time she once more looked like the cat from Thia’s childhood. Thia reached out to touch the cat but before contact could be made, Mariel disappeared in a flash of light.

During the battle with the possessed Erin, Mariel appeared again. This time Thia did make contact with the cat. A tenuous connection was made which was enough for Thia to learn Mariel’s name and that she is a familiar.

Mariel clearly has many secrets she has to divulge.


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