Aspiring Weaponsmith and incidental Sorceress


Thia is a half elf with black hair and striking blue eyes. It is her human heritage that runs the stronger and if her eyes are hidden, she can pass as human.

She grew up in Fortresse D’ylourgne in a workhouse run by the priests of St Cuthbert. Life there was hard. Thia was the only half elf and received more than her fair share of bullying. The priests were also less than kind. Through this all Thia learned to be a survivor. However dark schemes were going on at the workhouse which still cast shadows over Thia today.

When she was old enough, Thia was apprenticed to a smith in the town. Francois Feracheval was not a master smith by any stretch of the imagination but he was competent enough to teach Thia and his other apprentices. As well as learning blacksmithing, Thia also proved to have quite a knack for weaponsmithing – although this was not something Feracheval seemed inclined to encourage.

A strong friendship with a fellow half elf named Briar was one of the bright spots in Thia’s life.

Thia was set on the path to being an adventurer when Feracheval sold her place to the nephew of an important wine merchant. Despite the fact that her training was incomplete, Thia was sent out to find a living as a journeyman smith.

On the way out of town, in a fit of pique Thia tried to rob the forge but was interrupted by two members of the local watch. She managed to escape but only after she severely injured one of the men.

Now on the road with Briar, and Thia’s canine companion Bruce the flatulent Moorhound, the pair set out to solve the mystery behind Briar’s inheritance…

Thia is currently a level 6 fighter with 1 level of sorcerer.


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