A buxom Bard with a twinkle in her eye and her hand in your pocket



Briar never knew either of her parents, and all she knew about them was what she had inherited from them physically. Morag always told her how like her mother she looked with her red hair and green eyes. All she knew of her father was that he was an elf, and her inheritance from her father meant that Briar was always very easily identified as a half-elf. Morag never let her feel awkward or as if she didn’t quite fit in, and Briar grew up learning to ignore and laugh off any attempts at shaming her heritage.

Briar’s earliest memories are of Morag – Morag cooking, Morag preparing tinctures and ointments, Morag teaching Briar about the world around them and which parts of plants and animals can be harvested to create healing agents. Morag nurtured Briar’s love of cooking and herbalism, hoping to set her on a path of independence and self-sufficiency.


When Briar was 5, she found the fiddle secreted away under Morag’s bed. Morag found her plucking the strings, enraptured by the sounds that she was producing with the instrument. From that point onward, Briar was rarely far from the fiddle, teaching herself what she could, seeking out musicians when they visited the town to learn what she could.

At the age of 11, Briar met Thia, another half-elf who was in the service of the local blacksmith. Almost without realising it or knowing how it happened, Thia became another member of Morag and Briar’s family. Despite their many differences, Thia and Briar balanced each other out in ways they didn’t always recognise.

As Morag grew older and began to slow down, Briar went to work in the local tavern as a waitress. She would pester the tavern owner to let her show off her cooking skills in the kitchen regularly, but her real dream was to get on the small stage to play the fiddle and sing for the crowd. Most of the town had heard her playing and singing at one time or another, but being on the stage was something different. It was almost a need for Briar.

And then…everything changed. In one night, Thia made a decision that meant she had to flee the town, and Morag succumbed to her illness. With nothing left for her there, Briar gathered what was most important to her – Morag’s iron skillet and her fiddle – and fled the town with Thia to start a new life.


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